We proudly support Romanian performance sport!

Sport should not be missing from our lives. Be it performance or hobby sport, such kinds of activities should represent a way of life for each of us. Actually, it is promoted as such by doctors, sportsmen, coaches, mass media and others. Romanian sport already has a rich tradition and world famous representatives, always a substantiated reason of pride for the Romanian people. Whenever we speak about the first clear 10 in the history of world gymnastics, received by Nadia Comaneci in 1976 at Montreal, or about Helmuth Duckadam, ‘The Hero of Sevilla’, or about Hagi, ‘The king of Romanian soccer’ we are thrilled to be contemporary with those champions. Those performers are joined by Alina Dumitru, the first Olympic champion in the history of Romanian Judo or Ilie Nastase, the living legend of Romanian and world tennis. There are many events where Romania rose to the podiums: The 1976 Olympic Games, 1986 UEFA Champions League, 2008 Beijing Olympics and the list goes on.

City Insurance is a 100% Romanian company that supports and promotes performance in every field, that’s why the involvement in supporting Romanian performers was a natural consequence of this fact.

When we speak about Romanian sport, we certainly think about soccer too! Because all Romanians are born supporters, backing up this sport was a natural consequence. Thus, City Insurance became in October 2012 the official sponsor of the Romanian National Soccer Team. Our company saw that the National Soccer Team needed every Romanian’s support and got involved in order to attract and to encourage Romanian supporters to stand beside it permanently and unconditionally. City Insurance did not stop here and starting on September 2013 chose to support Romania’s Champion team, FC Steaua Bucharest, a team, a name, a brand, an emblem.

Because some people get top results in other sport disciplines that enjoy less support, City Insurance has turned its attention toward martial arts. Just as our company assumed the care for its clients, their property and their businesses as its main responsibility, we promote the same values that guide the everyday decisions of the City Insurance team: seriousness, commitment and fairness. This way, the Romanian Karate Federation enjoys today the support of its Main Sponsor, Societatea de Asigurare si Reasigurare City Insurance.

In the future, City Insurance will also get actively involved in supporting Romanian sport, in promoting champions and Romanian top performers.