Corporate social responsability campaigns

Friday, December 13th 2013, was a lucky day for the children of the Saint Nicholas Orphanage in Bucharest. The generous employees of City Insurance contributed with toys, sweets, fruit and clothes for the 65 children housed in this center. They are orphans, abandoned children or come from poor families that could no longer provide for them. Thus, we managed to put together a little surprise for them, just in time for the winter holidays.

We are glad to have met here special, generous and dedicated people that take care of all of these children. It is not easy to keep smiling, maintain your calm and blandness when caring for special needs children. You must love the job you chose for yourself and give 100% every day. There is no room for dissimulation, the children around you can feel whether you love them or not.

The children we interacted with proved to be extremely receptive and eager to communicate. One of the little girls immediately memorized our names, a few little boys recognized the City Insurance logo and told us they had seen it on TV (they must like football). The other boys and girls jumped into our arms.

Inside this center, there is a section that houses mothers with young children that do not have the financial resources to raise them. We met here mothers caring for one to three children, mothers that came here after suffering from domestic abuse, teenage mothers whose families turned their backs to them or single mothers. They are to be admired because, despite the financial difficulties and regardless of the reason that brought them to this center, they never abandoned their children. No mother should ever have to do it.

The whole center was beautifully decorated, all the walls painted with images from fairy-tales and we were told that it was all done by the children. Although they have no families, the ones taking care of them know how to support their talents and enroll them in music or arts schools. It was the case of the boy who painted the interior of the center, a student of the Tonitza High school. By his side, all children contributed to the drawings by coloring them in attractive colors.

Although we visited an orphanage and many of our colleagues were touched by this experience, the general feeling we had when leaving was that of a cozy, hospitable place thanks to the people working there, so that the children could feel more at home.

We wish to thank our City Insurance colleagues again for contributing with funds, clothes, toys and their presence at this social responsibility campaign and for making such a day possible!кухонная посуда фирмыпозиция сайта в поисковикахколёса рустоимость изготовления интернет магазинаконсультации юриста киевцентр возрождение