Steaua showed in Coresi Shopping Resort in Brasov the three trophies they won last season: the League Cup, the championship and Romania’s Cup. Cristi Tanase, Fernando Varela and Lucian Filip were present at the mall. The last of them gave a speech and said he was extremely happy about the large number of people that […]

People have flocked into a mall in Brasov, where Steaua’s trophies were shown. A child embraced Tanase and begged him with tears in his eyes not to leave Steaua. Read the whole article here.

The abuse against S.A. – R CITY INSURANCE S.A. recognized by the Italian justice After two and a half years of accusations, City Insurance is exonerated by the State Council of the Italian Republic by means of a definitive and indefeasible decision. Bucharest, February 24 S.A. – R City Insurance S.A. publicly announces decision number […]

Bucharest, May 25 The bloggers united their forces to support the National Team in its game with Holland. Encouragement messages for the players came from all over the country, messages that the bloggers sent to the Romanian Football Federation, hoping the players will read them. However, the blogosphere will also support the team from the […]

Bucharest, October 10 City Insurance is the new official sponsor of the Romanian National Football Team, in an important moment for Romanian football: the preliminaries for the 2014 World Football Championship in Brazil. S.A. – R City Insurance S.A. wishes to support the players in the playoffs for the World Football Championship, attract and inspire […]