From mass-media: FORT Romania- the fake news about City Insurance are intended to destabilize the MTPL market!

Hereunder we render the entire text of FORT press release (the Federation of the Romanian Transport Operators) and the stance adopted relatively to the articles that appeared recently in the press on Societatea de Asigurare-Reasigurare City Insurance. 

FORT- the Federation of the Romanian Transport Operators expresses its concern as to the fake news launched by ASSAI- the Association of the Independent Car Shops regarding the insurance company City Insurance.

After the appearance in the press of the information by which – „the car repair shop AutoCar makes a complaint with ASF and requests the insolvency of the insurance company City Insurance: – a state of chaos has been set in on the insurance market.

According to the FSA answer, the insurance company City Insurance is stable both from the financial point of view, as well as from the point of view of the solvency indicators.

FORT is a transparent player on the Romanian transport market and does not encourages the negative actions with a concrete direction and hidden interests which do not do anything else but to impair the smooth running of things on the insurance market, irrespective of the type of their institution.

The attempt to get the position of leader on the insurance market by foul play and obscure tricks, by disinforming the population and denigrating the image of a market leader does not do anything else but disturb the waters of an economy already uncertain. These manipulation actions by the distribution of untrue information may easily destroy the values of a market with fair practices,     transforming it in a „black sheep” of the economy in the eyes of both investors and consumers. The vast majority of buyers of mandatory insurance products might be affected, by unjustified increases in rates.

FORT continues to assure City Insurance company of a transparent cooperation. By the partnership concluded between FORT and City, the insurance company proved that it is a reliable, fair, efficient and prompt partner. Through this partnership, the members of FORT had access to non stop professional advisory services and to insurance products at fair prices!