Maintenance Bond

About the Maintenance Bond

Any legal person that carried out a contract must, after the completion of the works, present a maintenance bond in order to remedy, without additional costs, any subsequent defects.

The Maintenance Bond assures the Beneficiary that any hidden defects/vices of the executed work occurring during the post-execution period will be remedied (maintenance period).

This period of post-execution guarantee refers to the period of notification regarding the defects, starting from the signing of the procès-verbal of reception to the signing of the procès-verbal of final reception.

What are the advantages of a Maintenance Bond from City Insurance? 

  • Flexible offer
  • Rapid feedback in terms of the completion of the financial analysis, as well as the issuance of the policies
  • The forms demanded by the Beneficiary are always respected
  • Competitive insurance premiums
  • The policies are issued according to the clauses demanded through the data sheet or the tender book
  • Extended territorial coverage

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