PRO FIDUCIARIA, with the support of APPA, launches a free e-learning course about MTPL insurance

Although it’s the simplest form of insurance sold on the Romanian market, the MTPL policy is accompanied by clauses that are not known by many insured persons or victims and that can decisively alter the outcome of the compensation. In this context and considering the new MTPL changes that will come into force on January the 1st, 2015, PRO Fiduciaria, with the support of Asociatia pentru Promovarea Asigurarilor (APPA) will offer all the people involved in insurance sales, as well as those interested in MTPL insurance, the possibility to freely access an e-learning course dedicated to this kind of insurance.

“I think that all of us that earn our living in this insurance market are obliged to try, each in his own way, to help the market perform better”, declared Florian GABA, General Manager, PRO Fiduciaria.

The course can be accessed on the PRO Fiduciaria platform: