The blogosphere supports the National Team in its football game with Holland

Bucharest, May 25

The bloggers united their forces to support the National Team in its game with Holland. Encouragement messages for the players came from all over the country, messages that the bloggers sent to the Romanian Football Federation, hoping the players will read them. However, the blogosphere will also support the team from the stands: the names of all those involved in supporting the national players have been written on a flag that will be fluttered on the arena by the three representatives of the blogosphere present on the Amsterdam Arena, during the game.

Here are some of the most encouraging messages:

  • The message that received the highest number of comments and likes from the readers comes from Camelia Sima of Brașov, one of the three bloggers to be present on the Arena at the Holland – Romania match:

“On March the 26th, in Amsterdam, we will start together on a new 90 minutes journey, a step toward the following year’s Brazilian nights, on the road to a qualification we all have been craving for too long. May your journey be magical and may you return home with the victory. May you advance on the road to Brazil and keep in mind that, regardless of the result, we are always on your side.”

  • “Boys, before the game, remember you are Romanians and be proud of that, remember we are part of football history, remember those who felt no inferiority next to the great European or international football teams, remember Dobrin, Hagi, Popescu, Boloni, Camataru, Lăcătuș! But do not play with all that burden on your shoulders! Don’t forget we support you, for better or for worse!” writes Dragoș Geornoiu from Craiova.
  • “Boys, squeeze that Mechanical Orange!” says Mihai Dumitru of Bucharest.
  • “They say that, in a man’s life, there are two important days: the day he was born and the day he finds out why. Paraphrasing that, I wish all players that on March 26 the world finds out why they became football players” says Daniel Botea from Craiova.
  • “We have defeated the Turkish janissaries. It is time to deal with our enemies to the North. It is time we show our Western neighbors that through these legs Romanian blood with Brazilian technique still flows” says Andrei Albu of Baia Mare.
  • “Let’s show the Dutch we can finish an orange juice squeezed on their arena and thatwhat happened in Bucharest was an unfortunate event – we choked a little on four mechanical orange peels. And even if we don’t win in Amsterdam (a tie game is just as good), you have to demonstrate that you want to win, that you are willing to fight for it” says Petru Dalea of Reșița.

Chinezu, of explains: “We decided, as bloggers, to support our boys because what we do is out of passion, as is what they do. And that was visible in the messages the bloggers sent to the players. And the fact that, thanks to City Insurance, three bloggers will be present in Amsterdam, in the stands and fluttering a flag with the names of other tens of bloggers is in itself something we are very proud of!”

The map with all bloggers’ messages can be accessed here.

Mobilized by and supported by City Insurance, the official sponsor of the National Team, the bloggers will cheer the team in its preliminary game for the World Championship with Holland. Romania plays against Holland Tuesday, March 26, on the Amsterdam Arena.

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