Press release

Societatea de Asigurare-Reasigurare City Insurance S.A. has noticed the occurrence of some calculation errors while issuing MTPL insurance policies, between November 18 2016 and January 19 2017.

These errors affected a small number of clients and were corrected in no time. In order to cash back the corresponding amounts, the clients in those situations will be contacted by the insurance brokers that issued those policies.

We express our regret about this unpleasant situation and we wish to specify that this had an isolated technical cause.

In case you fit in one of the pricing categories “Vehicles of Natural Persons aged 61-65”, “Trailers of Natural persons, weighing less or equal 750 kg” or insured for multiples of one month and you have not been contacted yet by 15.02.2017, please contact us directly, by one of the following means:

– written request at the company headquarters: 5-7 Constantin Aricescu, Bucharest, district 1

– by fax, at: 021-231.04.42
– by e-mail, at: