City Insurance protects you from bad weather

Fallen down trees, badly damaged vehicles with broken windows and smashed bodies, flooded streets. This is the outcome of a heavy storm that hit the Capital City yesterday and lasted about an hour, enough to bother many motorists without Casco.

Many motorists do not purchase traditional Casco because they don’t afford it or because they consider that they are pretty careful when driving, thus nothing bad can happen to them. Nevertheless, there are events like that one on Sunday night, when the consequences of a heavy storm are unavoidable.

For such situations and not only, ther is a product named Casco for Everyone, offered by City Insurance. It’s an affordable insurance, that covers exactly the risks that the motorists cannot avoid: fire, thunderbolt, explosion and falling objects (FLEXA), theft (total or partial), bad weather and natural disasters, broken windows.

Casco for Everyone is available in four flavors, such that it offers the choice to select those risks that you feel are most exposed to. The price of this product for 6 months of insurance is minimum lei 125 and maximum lei 290, for the most comprehensive coverage.

This product is offered without a risk inspection and can cover automobiles up to 15 years from the date of manufacture. The maximum amount covered is of lei 45,000.

Considering that the summer has just started and that the weather is already very unstable, Casco for Everyone is exactly what you need, so that your savings will be used for a family trip and not for car repairs!