Our people

Our people

For City Insurance, human capital is one of the most important assets driving growth. From 15 people in 2008, the company currently employs directly 400 people in a geographical area spanning over 42 offices and branches across Romania.


  • Vivendi International – 85.23%
  • Other legal and natural persons – 14,77%



Supervisory Board:

  • Dr. Max Walter Rössler – Vice President
  • Dr. Max Walter Rössler

    Renowned investor and owner of multiple and diversified holdings, Dr. Max Walter Rössler serves as the Vice President of the Supervisory Board at City Insurance.

    With an impressive banking and investment career, Dr. Rössler holds a substantial portfolio of assets in several Swiss companies. He is the main shareholder of the construction company Implenia, holds important stakes in the machine tool company Starrang Group, as well as in financial services companies, including insurance companies registered in Europe. He has held/ currently holds various management positions in various companies (e.g. Rossaco Consulting AG, Global Care AG, Marowag AG, Parmino Holding AG, SunVesta Holding AG, Dominick Company AG).

    Dr. Max Rössler studied mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), where he obtained a doctorate in 1966. After a research stint at Harvard University, he returned to ETH Zurich, where he spent around ten years as a researcher and lecturer before joining the private sector. He already supported the ETH Zurich Foundation with a generous donation in 2007 and since 2009, ETH Zurich has been awarding the annual Rössler Prize to outstanding young professors.

  • Cristian Pascale – Member
  • Cristian Pascale

    Cristian Pascale has been serving as a Member of the Supervisory Board since September 2017.

    Professional, thorough in detail, goal-oriented, Christian runs a renowned law firm in Bucharest since 2001. He is member of the Romanian Bar Association since 2002. He also serves as the Vice President of Chamber of Commerce Romania.
    He holds a Master’ s Degree in Business Law.

Managing Board :

  • Papanikolaou Epameinondas – President of the Managing Board
  • Epameinondas Papanikolaou has been serving as Chairman of the Managing Board at City Insurance since January 2018.

    Epameinondas joined City Insurance in 2014 as Deputy General Manager, being part of a new generation of insurance entrepreneurs and executives fueling a modern business culture. Accomplishment-driven and results-oriented, he has held senior managerial positions over his 15 years of banking and insurance experience in the Romanian market, mainly in audit firms and banks, including Banca Romana de Credite si Investitii S.A. He believes that the two most important elements that create trust in leadership are authenticity and transparency.
    He holds a BA in Business Administration and an MBA.

  • Renato Szilagyi, Vice Chairman
  • Renato Szilagyi

    Counting over 20 years of experience in the Romanian insurance industry, Renato Szilagyi is the incumbent Vice Chairman of the Managing Board since January 2018.

    Renato joined City Insurance in 2015 as a project leader for Solvency II, which reviews the prudential regime for insurance and reinsurance undertakings in the European Union. Past positions included roles as Senior Consultant to the Romanian Ministry for Labour and as an independent strategy and operations consultant to a number of insurers, including Talanx and VIG. Renato also previously served as Deputy General Manager of UNITA Vienna Insurance Group, Board Director of AGRAS VIG, inter alia. Conscientious, hard worker, a team player, but also a team leader, Renato serves as a role model to his people always encouraging his team to innovate and to make fast decisions.
    He holds a MSc in Law and an MBA.


Management Staff:

  • Underwriting Manager: Alexandra Blănaru
  • Sales Manager: Mircea Buzera
  • Deputy Claims Manager: Marius Anghel
  • Risk Manager: Marinela Nica
  • Reinsurance Manager: Cosmin Stan
  • Motor Vehicle Department Manager: Alexandru Braşoveanu
  • Head of Internal Control Department: Gabriel Stoica
  • Head of Financial-Accounting Department: Alina Gârda